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Thread: SD card root problem?

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    SD card root problem?

    Please can someone tell me in the most simplest way possible how I get to the root of my sd card so I can install the homebrew browser?

    I've only recieved my softmodded wii today and it already had the homebrew channel installed. When I went to use the channel it just had bubbles. I googled this and found that I have to install apps from an SD card to show up on the homebrew channel, however I came across the homebrew browser which sounded like a good app.

    However, I cant for the life of me find a simple enough explanation on how to put an apps folder in the root of my sd card.

    Ive formatted it to FAT32, I've tried putting an app folder on the sd card and the wii didn't show anything when I opened up the sd card.

    any help will be much appreciated.

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    create an apps folder on the's that simple. You will still get bubbles unless there are actually some apps in that folder.

    sd:apps/homebrew browser/boot.dol

    If you do not understand what the root of the card is then you might not want to mess with modding your wii!

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    first dowload homebrew browser:
    Homebrew Browser CodeMii

    unzip the file and copy the entire folder "homebrew_browser" to the apps folder of your SD card and that's all. You should be able to see it on the HBC. Actually the above zip file comes with a very informative guide. Read it again if in doubt.

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    Thanks for your advice. I've sorted this now. Didn't realize I had to go into the hombrew channel to retrieve the app on the card. I thought I had to access the app via the sd icon on the wii menu.

    I did think that the root was just opening the card but as I asn't seeing the hombrew browser I thought I was wrong.

    Anyways, thankjs for the help.


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