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Thread: MW3 Multiplayer Name Problem

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    Question MW3 Multiplayer Name Problem

    I got NeoGamma with MW3 on my USB. I can run it on singleplayer campaign, but I cannot do Special ops and Multiplayer as it says something like

    "You cannot access MW3 online using this profile name. Please change your profile name and try again."

    I do not know what to do. My profile name that i started out with is "Awx Killr"

    Please help me.

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    Have you tried a diff name? Someone else may have it already.

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    Yes. I have. Without spaces, with numbers, with everything

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    I'm really not sure what it could be then. Maybe someone else would know. Are you able to play other games online?

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    Yes i can play SSBB and Animal Crossing online

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillrCraft
    Yes i can play SSBB and Animal Crossing online
    Try using your original disc to get online and see if you get the same message. If that doesnt work, then I dont know.

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    From one of the cod guides, it may help you:

    • Dual profile trick (only applies if you have never played online in this game)- If the game stalls on "please wait" when trying to connect, and you have already have accepted the shop channel user agreement, you may have to exit out and create a second profile. Either use this second profile to connect, or once connected using it, exit out and return to using your initial profile. You should now be able to connect. (You will only have to do this one time, you may delete the secondary profile after connecting)

    • Your game's region MUST match the region of your console, otherwise you will not be prompted to update, and you will not be able to play online.

    • Issues with "Lost connection to host" and "Migrating hosts"

    Originally Posted by brottochstraff
    Seems like have managed to fix my connectivity issue, had to set "TCP Timeout" to 600-seconds in my router (was previously set to 300) Im using DD-WRT firmware, so this might be the case for others aswell if they are using this firmware. Seems like black ops needs longer time out for TCP, other games donīt seem react to having short time out. Hope this helps some one else

    • Can connect to the network but cant find any games - Some issues may be resolved by setting up Port Forwarding on your router. Black Ops requires you to forward the 80, 443, 3074-3075, 28910, 29900-29901, and 29920 ports. Alternatively you can set up your Wii to be in the DMZ of your router. Consult the manual or the website of your router's manufacturer for how to do this.


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