Hey, recently updated my softmod, got wiiflow working loading games from a fat32 external, forwarded some emulators to the wii main menu and are generally quite happy! so thanks to this site and it's community!

Now, don't assume im being all lazy with everything here, but i would like to ask some questions that can be answered while i still browse around this site.

1: How do i make my main wii menu black? seen that some places, and would really like that.

2: forwarding channels, how? i cheated a little by downloading the forwarders from the Hombrew Browser. can i create my own? is it also possible to make a forwarded channel for instance, super mario 3? i.e, a forwarded channel that launches the NES emulator and autoloads SMB3?

3: what do you guys use your wii for? in what manner? i have downloaded WIIMC and WIIVNC and find that quite fun.

4: Linux?

again, thanks for all the information stored on this site so far. my wii is a totally different machine now!