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Thread: Sing games not recognising 5 in 1 microphone

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    Sing games not recognising 5 in 1 microphone


    Im currently using USBloader and WiiFlow for running games from my external HD. I have over 80 games working perfect.

    I have a band hero microphone which works fine with band hero/Sing 4/ Now thats what i call music. I also recently purchased a 5 in 1 microphone, but this doesnt get recognized even when only one of the microphones is plugged into the two plug slot (its the type that can use on multiple consoles and enables 2 microphones to be used from the one usb slot). Ive tried hermes IOS 222/223/224 base 37, freezes, then base 57 with each, freezes still. The game only works with IOS 249 and 250 base 57 d2x (both older rev v6 and latest), the single band hero mic works on these IOS. Ive searched pretty hard through the forums but there isnt much on a multiple microphone connection problem.

    Ive also tried this, hermes IOS 222 using IOS 249 instead of 236 for IOS 222 but didnt have the option for IOS 38 merged with IOS 37:


    I read that i may need an external power source for the extra usb connections.

    Perhaps it is the dual microphone that is the problem. The light turns on at least when its connected. Ill try get a hold of someone elses dual microphone in the meantime.

    Has anyone been able to get multiple microphones working in any games? If so what was your setup?

    Thanks for the help.

    Edit: i also tried WiiFlow r304-222 to use IOS 222. The game would run but couldnt even detect a single microphone.
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    Does that microphone work if you use the original game disc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skellinator View Post
    Does that microphone work if you use the original game disc?
    Yep, cant believe i didnt think of it first. The dual microphone actually doesnt actually work with the original disc. Thanks for the reply. Thread closed.

    Although this mic does work in the pc so there must be a wii related problem with it.
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