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Thread: Using a forwarder channel along with a USB loader- looking for some information

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    Using a forwarder channel along with a USB loader- looking for some information

    I'm not exactly new to what I'm doing, but there's something I can't find an answer to.

    I use USB Loader GX and the WBFS format. I have found that GX is no longer supported, and want to switch to either WiiFlow or CFUSB. But I have just recently made forwarder channels for two of the games on my hard drive.

    If I install one of these newer USB Loaders, will these forwarder channels still work automatically? And will the settings they use work based on the loader I have installed? When I load the games it mentions cloader in the screen before the game launches. What is that? Will a different USB Loader use something else?

    I mostly ask because one game (SMG) is giving me a black screen that is apparently fixed by using a non-GX loader and a non-WBFS file system. So before I go and format my hard drive and re-locate all my games, I'd like to know this stuff.

    (Additionally, I haven't seen anywhere explainig how to use games with you just copy the isos directly to the hard drive with no changes? Can you use subfolders?)

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    This sounds like piracy. Piracy is not supported. If the ISOs you are talking about are ripped from original discs, continue to read on.

    If you update, nothing will be changed, just put the updated DOLs in the place of the old ones.

    To use FAT32, make a folder in the root of it called WBFS, and then use Wii Backup Manager to put ISOs in it.
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