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Thread: Wii64 Ocarina of Time Poe Issue

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    Wii64 Ocarina of Time Poe Issue

    I have made it to The Forest Temple so far with everything working fine besides graphical problems, but now I am stuck to the point that I can't progress any farther. I have read many posts on getting stuck at the green poe, but I can't even make it that far. I just got my bow, and am ready to fight the blue and red poe. I believe only one painting is supposed to have a poe, and after you shoot it, it changes paintings. Well, on the blue one, this doesn't happen, but after a bit of guesswork, I hit all 3 and fight and kill the poe, lighting the 1st torch. Then, I go to the red one, and it doesn't change paintings either. But no amount of guesswork I do can beat him, as no matter what painting I shoot, nothing happens, and this goes on until my arrows are gone. Anyone think they can help? I would really appreciate it!!

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    The fight with the red Poe (Joelle) and blue Poe (Beth) are identical. As you said, there are three paintings that it can hide in. A painting that doesn't have a Poe in it will be black, but when it does have one, it will have a portrait of the Poe on it. You said the Poe changes paintings when you shoot it, but did you know that it also changes paintings when you get close to the painting it's in? Plus, when you shoot the painting that has a Poe in it, that painting will disappear so it can't be in there any more. When all three are gone, you can fight it.

    That's all I can say about that, unless those graphical issues you were talking about have anything to do with this. Are all the paintings black for you? Does only one have a portrait of a Poe in it, and it doesn't move if you go near it? If so, I guess everything is functioning correctly in the game itself, but your graphical issues are causing the image on the paintings to respond incorrectly.

    I don't understand why so many people get stuck on the Green Poe (Amy). There are blocks that have pictures on them and you have to move them together so that they make a picture of Amy. I never had trouble with it so I don't know why so many people complain about it. If you have trouble with Amy when you get to her, don't hesitate to ask again!

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    I have beat the game a few times, I know how it should respond. The problem is all 3 paintings have the poe in it. With the blue poe, I can just guess, and get her to come out, but with the red one, nothing, whatsoever, works.

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    Im going thru the same thing. This blows!

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    I figured out a solution. Just get the VC version.

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    This is such a letdown then! All that time put in for nothing..

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    Haha, yeah, I know what ya mean... I just started playing Majora's Mask VC after that.

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