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Thread: Wii 4.1U wont see my harddrive in any homebrew app

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    Wii 4.1U wont see my harddrive in any homebrew app

    Ive been using this xmicro brand 20 gig harddrive to play games on my wii, and its been working great, I downloaded animal crossing and kept having freezing issues to fix it by downgrading my cios to rev9... big mistake after i did it, usb loader stopped working.

    So i used the softmod any wii guide from the forum and ive done it 3 times so far, i thought i might have missed something the first time. yet i cannot get it to recognize my HDD. at this point i thought it was the HDD but my computer sees it just fine, i reformatted it my pc still sees it but the wii still wont see it. I have no idea what to do next, right now my wii has just finished being modded with the guide on a 4.1u system.

    Any help would be appreciated....

    oh and it can read burned games just fine so i dont know what is wrong.

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    Did you format your SD card prior to completing chapter 3 of the guide?

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    I literally followed the guide to the T and it doesnt work. after I downgraded to rev9 it broke and nothing worked then I proceeded to try the softmod guide again, and then again once I took a breather from being frustrated

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    I downloaded a homebrew and ran it, it was a usb tester, It cant initialize my HDD, The HDD used to work and still works with my computer, any ideas? I ran through the softmod guide several times and I cant figure out what i would have missed to cause my usb ports not to work. I use the lan adapter aswell never been an issue.

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    Make sure you have it plugged into port 0. The usb port closest to the edge.

    Try a new usb cord.

    Try and setup the drive again with the fat32 guide in the spoiler below.

    Try a flash drive or another hdd, to narrow the problem.

    Plug your phone charger or something in the Wii's usb port 0, to check for power.

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    ive tried my phone and that works fine, Tried a new cable but doesnt help. Ive tried formatting and that doesnt work. i dont have another hdd but i tried a thumb drive and it works fine, I just dont get why the Hdd doesnt work, it works find on my pc


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