This question would be appropriate in a few sections, this made as much sense as any. Mods, please move it at your discretion if you find it better elsewhere. I recently did my first "from scratch" Homebrew install with some other channels etc. and all went very well. This stuff is such a blast once the clouds clear and it starts to make sense. I can play my backups from my HDD, here's my first question: I don't see NeoGamma anywhere. I did my mod using the last ModMii (not the update released today) and I'm not able to launch my discs. Is Neogamma somewhere within my ModMii install? If not, would you please direct me where to find NeoGamma and perhaps show me where to find instructions on how to install it? Sorry, I just assumed NeoGamma was part of every softmod. I do have GX Loader, forwarder, my SD card is well-formatted and organized. My first Wii has Neogamma and the discs fire right up so it's not an issue with the physical discs themselves to eliminate that suggestion.
Thanks guys and I can't say how much I appreciate all your hard work and gracious assistance.