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Thread: Don't get the WiiScrubber:/

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    Don't get the WiiScrubber:/

    Well i want to play the Fatal Frame 4 With the English Patch but i have to do something with using the wii scrubber.Can anyone help me?
    Here is a tutorial(from the site) that i was reading but i couldn't do the fourth Step(Browse for the .iso file and double click it to open it. In this case, I am using the conduit usa.).I dont get it,i cant find anything when i Load the ISO.

    This is what i have to do(To Play FF4 with the Patch) but i am not sure that i am doing it right:

    Load ISO in wiiscrubber

    Extracting key partition files:
    1. Expand Partition:2 (DATA)
    2. Right click + extract the following files:

    Save them all to a folder like "ff4sys" or something.

    Data files: Right click Partition:2 (DATA) -> Unencrypted Partition -> Extract
    Save to a folder like "ff4data" or whatever you want.

    Patch files: Download + Extract the patch files. You need to copy these to the appropriate folders in the data files partition you extracted ("ff4data" in my example). These are the corresponding paths:
    BigFontGhostList -> HideItem or SmallFontGhostlist -> HideItem
    Chapters -> RSL
    Credits -> RSL
    Item -> HideItem
    Menu -> Miya
    Miya -> Miya
    RSL -> RSL
    Songs -> SNDSTREAM

    Rebuilding the partition:
    1. Open partitionbuilder.exe (make sure you have version 1.1!!)
    2. Load up the files it needs (extracted to "ff4sys" in my example).
    3. Source file directory is the data partition you extracted to a folder ("ff4data" in my example).
    4. Click build, remember the filename you saved it as.
    5. Wait. When it finishes, exit partitionbuilder.

    Back to Wiiscrubber:
    1. Right click Partition:2 (DATA) -> Unencrypted Partition -> Load -> Open the partition img you built in partitionbuilder.
    2. Wait. Once it finishes you can exit Wiiscrubber and you'll be all set.
    If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.

    One Last question,are we allowed to talk here for how we download wii games or not?

    Thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreekShadow View Post
    One Last question,are we allowed to talk here for how we download wii games or not?
    As long as you mean which loader you use, or how to get that LG drive to work to download your legally purchased retail game disc then yes. Otherwise, perhaps you should read the rules that you agreed to.

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    I actually managed to do this not too long ago and it was fairly simple to do. But I don't understand the question you're asking?

    Did you convert the game into an iso file at all? How much of those steps did you do exactly?

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    AT last a person who has done this.
    Well i am Really useless in these kind of things.I have never done anything similar.I always Buy all my games Brand new so i am not familiar with these:S
    I have only 3-4games on my pc and thats all.I have never downloaded,or used anything like that:S
    So i am a totally noob.:/
    Thanks for the reply btw.

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    Ok, well I can try to help but again, I need to know what step you're on...the guide you posted can be confusing if you've never done it before but it really is a straightforward guide.

    Did you create an ISO of the game yet?


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