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Thread: Wii 4.3E Priiloader problem!

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    Wii 4.3E Priiloader problem!

    Hello, this is my first post!

    I have a new Wii with 4.3e version...
    I used Letterbomb to softmode it. I followed the instructions from the guide, and i have a problem!
    When i load priiloader my controler starts to blink al the 4 little lamps at the bottom, and my controler is usefull!
    Any ideas? Can i use another program instead Priiloader? Can i play games widouth instaling Priiloader?
    Evrything went just fine untill priiloader..
    Thx in advance (sorry for bad englis)

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    nobody??? pleasee!!!

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    If you have a newer controller with the WiiMotion+ built in, it won't work with some homebrew. Are you sure your Wii Remote is synced to the Wii? PriiLoader is just brick protection, as long as you just play the games and don't mess with IOS' and WADs and whatnot, you will be safe.

    TL;DR If you just play the games and don't mess with other stuff, you don't need PriiLoader.
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    It's always wise to have priiloader installed and to have the Blocked disc/online updates Enabled.

    Get an old wiimote And look at this link---.Problem Wiimote W/Wii motion Plus
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbbulld0g
    Hey thx for the answer, but i dont want priiloader, i just want to play the games... i installed homebrew and bootmii, so what do i do to load games from Ex hdd??
    I would get an old wiimote,like I said.

    I would recommend getting a Old Wiimote to install priiloader. Priiloader will help you and does allow you to play out of region games.

    Like I said before....Priiloader will help you if you get in a situation and if your wii acts out.(It can save you from some bricks.)

    Wait and see if a modder respondes to your thread.(With more insight)

    Put the app pack on your sd card like it says in the guide.
    Those programs(Usb Loader Gx ,CFG Loader, WiiFlow) will allow you to play games from your hdd.

    Please beware That without priiloader you will get games that will say you need an update And you have limited protection.(Don't Update)
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