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Thread: Help modding 4.3U! ~Confused~

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    Ca Help modding 4.3U! ~Confused~


    I'm hoping someone can help me out, I'm new at this, but have modded a 4.3U along time ago...I've followed the guide..., downloaded letterbomb with my mac address, installed homebrew & bootmii on boot2 (it also shows install on ios as well)...made a nand copy...then i'm kinda lost...not sure what to do next...I've downloaded and have installed priiloder, but I still can't play games with neogamma...does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?

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    If your trying to play from a disc, newer wii's can't play them so you need to use a usb loader

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    its an older white wii...model rvl-001, I've modded the same model of wii before


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