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Thread: ORIGINAL game disck error (ret = -2)

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    Question ORIGINAL game disck error (ret = -2)

    I'm trying to rip a game my wife bought with CFG Loader and I'm getting: Error (ret = -2)
    I cannot even play the game with the Wii Disc Channel. Whats goin on here??
    Soft modded v4.3(black)

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    Might need to post a syscheck for the more experienced peeps to see if everything is up to date. By the way what game are you trying to run? Also does it give an error when youre running it from the Wii Disk channel or just black screen?

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    Will post syschk asap. It's Trivial Pursuit. It won't run from Wii channel, CFG, Neogamer or anything. I thought I might have disabled the DVD drive in Priloader but that's not it. Any ideas?

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    Did you figure this one out? I also can't load originals from my disc channel. The GCN loader pops up and tries to load games from my sd card. I tried tinkering with options on neogamma, but to no avail.


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