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Thread: What did I do?

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    What did I do?

    While viewing files on my HDD, I deleted the folder that was empty above apps and wbfs. Now my games won't show up on USBGX or Wiiflow. Do I have to softmod all over again? Sorry for the stupid question but all I was trying to do was get a psx .zip file to play on an emulator to no avail and got pissed.

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    Lightbulb Ideas as to what you may have deleted

    You say HDD so I'm going to ASSUME it fat32 as you mention apps and a wbfs folder on the same drive, the only thing I can think of is an install of hermes v4.... where files are extracted to a 0000000....'something' folder. THIS MAY NOT BE THE CORRECT INFORMATION AS I HAVE BEEN OUT OF THE LOOP FOR SOME TIME, AND THE FORUM HEADER TELLS YOU NOT TO ACCEPT ADVICE BLINDLY, I MAY OR MAY NOT BE RIGHT BUT HOPEFULLY HAVE GIVEN YOU SOME THING TO CONSIDER (I.E at what point of your install/softmod may you have created files/folders that are alphabetically before app (as you deleted the folder ABOVE APPS) give a thanks, or better still, a donation if this has given you an idea about where to look if not a direct solution to your problem. Remember, do not start new posts, if any of us have an idea try to keep it in one thread...nite
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    If you deleted your wbfs folder that holds the games, then that explains why your games are not showing up in the usb loaders.
    You will have to re-rip the games back to the HDD.(If you deleted the Wbfs folder)

    Just replace the Apps folder with all the apps inside the folder in there own folder . example--->(Apps/Wiiflow/boot.dol) (Apps/fceugx/boot.dol)
    You should not need to softmod again ,unless you took in an update from nintendo/disc.
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