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Thread: worst private torrent requirement xD

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    worst private torrent requirement xD

    i know everyone is different

    Demon has none
    Ntorrents has 0.3 from 20 gigs and +.10 up to .60 =P
    Bitgamer is 0.3

    but what is the worst one xD

    in my book its
    How do we determine what's a hit&run?

    Minimum seed time: two and one half days (60 hours)
    Minimum Ratio: seventy-five percent (0.75)

    -,_-, so anyone got any worse?

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    Nope, I think that takes the cake :]

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    i mean its not really that bad of a system.. since you need 1 of the 2... but i downloaded a few small programs *reinstalled windows and wanted to go to a "safer" site* and installed Winrar 2.3 mb, and divx 4.5 mb.... seeded for 2 hours got 390 kb uploaded Y-Y and like hell im gonna keep up a torrent for that long for 6.8 mb =\


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