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Thread: Need a new Wii - black or white?

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    Need a new Wii - black or white?

    Hi gang,

    My hacked white wii just died and I'm looking for a replacement. I've seen some good deals on the new black ones, but then also have read some problems with the newer remotes working with homebrew and such. I then also saw a mention that Gamestop sells used white wii's for a pretty good price. I have all of our games backed up on a USB HDD and want to continue to use that instead of the physical discs.

    If you were buying a new Wii today to install homebrew on, would you go for a NIB Black one or a used white one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think you'll get a wide array of answers, and they'd all be correct int heir own way. I would recommend getting a wii that HAS gamecube controller ports. Even if you dont use them now, their presence may be helpful later. If the decision is between a used wii w/ gamecube ports or a new wii w/o, the decision is simple to me, go with the used one. As an added bonus, if you find a really old white wii, you might be able to install bootmii as boot2 (a good thing). More info in the faq in my sig, if you're into more reading.

    Final thought, if you can find a new Wii w/ gamecube ports, even if the wiimote isnt compatible with some hbc apps, you can always get another (older) wiimote for use with those apps that havent yet been recompiled. My take is over time they will be (recompiled) or someone will rework them.


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