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Thread: twilight or chip?

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    twilight or chip?

    So I finlly foudn a twi wing screw driver.

    I found my wii is gc2 d1a. just when I asked my friend which mod chip to use, he said do soft mod.

    I found a video on youtube about how to Twilight, but google didn't give any thing about what twilight can do.

    if softmod is a better option, I'd like to do this method.

    I'd like to know if twilight can do the following

    online play? update?
    backup Wii/GC game region free?
    ability to watch dvd?

    if not, maybe I will just get a mod chip and be done with it, but softmod is constantly being updated and is more readily accessible to user.

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    no on gc
    kinda the modchip doesnt do that

    you see Softmodding, and hard modding go hand and hand, but Gamma is what you want which is a minor part of twilight/homebrew channel

    it doesnt do region free GC
    you got to boot in a program every time
    some games dont work
    lots of patchs
    more risk
    longer to install
    more work to use
    not 100% working and never will be

    modchip + homebrew > all

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    Softmods let you play Wii copies with region free and allow you to play themn online. They can't play Gamecube games, at the moment. You can watch DVDs when you install a program call DVDX.

    You don't wanna update if you have a softmod, because the later updates tend to cripple some functionability.


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