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Thread: multi-partition SD card issues.

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    multi-partition SD card issues.

    now mysituation is im broke but was givin a 16GB SD card for my birthday. this is good cause now i can get smash bros brawl on it (my wii is not reading disks very well anymore. ) but i have an issue. also USB is not an option (unless there can be a multi drive raid-like setup) cause all i have is 2 4GBs flash drives and nothing else.

    this really wouldnt bother me, except that the only thing ive gotton to work is the WBFS partition and read only main resource partition ( but wont read GC games off of which id also like to have. nor can i use it for anything really.)

    does anyone have any ideas or know of a good way to get this all working?
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    Look, SD cards are not recommended for playing Wii games. The speed of data transfer isn't very fast and TBH I would recommend using USBs. 4 GB is not a bad size if you want to have one game on it at a time (wbfs) as there are a lot of games that are under 4 GB in size. I used to use my 2 GB USB (lol) and then used an 8 GB USB which was a big upgrade for me

    I would suggest either buying an 8 GB USB (cheaper these days) or doing what I did a while ago - buy a HDD (can be a 100GB one or a 1TB, up to you) and using it to store your games on and store other files on (format it to FAT32). HDDs aren't too expensive these days - just save up a little.

    I'm sorry if I didn't help you or answer your question properly - it's just that USB is miles ahead these days and eventually you'll probably end up using them anyway (I've heard of a lot of problems arising with SD).

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    ya ya i know. load times aint much of an issue with me. this will be my ONLY option for a while. i need to load via SD to save my disk drive for game ripping. if it breaks im S.O.L

    EDIT: whats wiiflow/wiiflow mods backup format support? a list of file types for backups on wiiflow would be nice.
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    Format your USB to fat32. Transfer games to it using wii backup manager. Convert the games from whatever they are to .Wbfs and transfer them to USB. Also, while the games r in ISO format, use wii scrubber to delete the update partition (only leaving the game partition) and then convert to .wbfs (b4 transferring to USB) to save some space. That's what I do.


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