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Thread: Wasabi Zero settings.

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    Wasabi Zero settings.

    I'm just wondering about the settings I can change with the config disk, what I should have set and maybe reasons why. Thanks so much

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    dont mess with any but update, and block all

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    Man you're all over the answers for me. Thanks again. and again.

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    What disc? Where do I get it? What does it do?



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    its a update disc
    the site
    update the chip and edit settings

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChillyWilly View Post
    What disc? Where do I get it? What does it do?



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    Ah, I thought that was for wasabi v1, v2 & v3.



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    I think it works on all, but I havent tried it on zero myself to know for sure, although I dont see why they wouldnt keep it compatible, its essentially the same thing just redesigned a bit.
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    it does work on all =x


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