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Thread: Help With themes plz!

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    Help With themes plz!

    Hello, I would really like to install the darkwii red theme.

    I can do this with mymenuify, right? I do have bootmii as boot2 and have a NAND. I would also need the ntsc darkwii because I am in the US.

    I believe I have a good hold on how to do it with the tutorials I have read but I would just like to clarify before moving on with this since it seems like it has given people many unwanted side effects.

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    i wouldn't play with themes. most mods here will tell you the same thing. slightest thing wrong and full brick.

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    Eh I just did it not too long after I posted this last night. I couldn't wait lol.

    Theme worked great no errors no bricking just extreme theme awesomenessssssss.

    MyMenuify is awesome.

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    Glad to hear it worked out for you.

    As long as you have bootmii installed as boot2, you should be able to recover from a botched theme. Messing with themes for anyone who does not have bootmii/boot2 is a recipe for disaster. Read the bricked forum for details, there are countless bricks related to themes.


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    Thanks Blu, knowing me ill prob visit those pages at some point lol. Bricked my phone sooo many times editting the stock ROM I'm. Not gonna pass up the chance to theme my Wii lol.

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    well i would like to put a theme on my wii but if its that easy to brick the system then no thanks its not worth it inless i can get some directions of some sort like an awesome guide have not looked yet but will soon and also need to install bootmii as boot2 as soon i get a guide for that lol

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    Simple question: have you even bothered to read our "Softmod ANY Wii" guide? The very last half of your sentence pretty much clues me in that you have no idea what you're doing. DON'T, that should a sufficient answer (consider my post count when you weigh what I'm saying) re: themes.

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