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Thread: Go to USB Loaders or SNEEK?

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    Go to USB Loaders or SNEEK?

    Hi everyone!

    I know I can follow the softmodding guide that's available here somewhere.
    I already installed the Homebrew channel and bootmii. But now, I don't know if I should follow the rest and use USB Loaders to run my games, or it would better (if possible) to use SNEEK instead (if SNEEK does what I think: emulates a Wii system and thus does not need to install anything more).

    Advices and suggestions please? Thank you so much in advance!!

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    Was going to ask the same question!

    Im thinking of SNEEK since its 100% protection from bricks , means that if you do anything that makes a full brick your real nand is safe , you can mess with your emu nand as much as you want without bricking the Wii

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    Thanks to for the help


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