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Thread: Once my Wii is modded...

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    Once my Wii is modded...

    Whats up all. I'm new to all this stuff and am lookin for some info. Basically what i'm trying to do is help my kid get some of these hacked Super Mario games that he watches everyday on YouTube. From what i've been able to tell i'm going to have to get my wii system modded. But after that then i need help. Is there somewhere i can download the hacked versions of Super Mario? Do i download them onto an SD card and then put the SD card into the Wii? I really don't have a clue if thats all there is to it or what? I'm lookin for some advice on how to go about all this. Thanks

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    I'm assuming you mean NSMBW, you will need to softmod your wii, download the level editor, burn new levels on an original copy of NSMBW, which you will rip from your original disc THAT YOU OWN AND DIDN'T DOWNLOAD, then you would burn it on a DVD-R or load it on an USB Loader.
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