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Thread: not recognize HD external.

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    not recognize HD external.

    Hello all.
    First, I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place or broken any rule.
    I need help to revive the USB on my WII.
    I buy a few years one Wii 4.2u and was running games on external hard drive normally, but not worked the NEW SUPER MARIO BROS.
    When I tried to upgrade via software to get running NewSuperMarioBros the external HD, my Wii has stopped recognizing any hard drive, USB key into the USB port.
    The programs that run the games are working but not recognize the external drive. They can show me a tutorial to redo the process?

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    Woah, your english is confusing.
    So, you updated your Wii while the HDD was plugged in? Plug it in your computer, and use WBFS Manager to reformat it to WBFS, and then tell me did it work. Also, why would you update from 4.2 to 4.3?!
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    Sorry man, some words i consult on google ok?
    On my computer the WBFS recognizes the HDD, i think the problem is in update process. I dont understand your last phrase.
    You are recommending the firmware update to 4.3?

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    No,No,No. You didnt have to upate. The 4.3 Update was nintendo's pathetic try to stop hacking.
    Reformat your HDD on WBFS and try does it work.Also, I wont bother anymore.My english is not perfect, but atleast people can understand me. So, please learn some better english.
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    I will try this later, im on the work now.
    Let me ask another thing.
    Any chance of using an official update, and then try to downgrade?

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    Dont work. searching for another solution.


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