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Thread: Wiimote with DML

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    Wiimote with DML

    I am going to use DML to play GC backups on my Wii when I hack it, but one problem. The gamecube controller I have is broken, sooooooooo. Is there anyway to play GC backups with the regular Wii controller using DML?

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    Dude, you need to wait for Devolution there's currently no program that lets you use wii mote,classic controller.

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    Devolution? So it will have the feature? What's the progress on it?

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    Yeah it will have the feature , the creator is making it from program from scratch. If I remember correctly I think the post said there might be a release in may.

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    Nice, can't wait for that to come out. Thanks for the info!

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    Same here, no problemo, glad to be of assistance

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