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Thread: Playing burned backups

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    Playing burned backups

    So, I finally get to softmod my Wii tomorrow, but I'm having a few issues with backups.
    I ordered an 8gb flash drive, not knowing there were only certain makes compatible with playing backups, and got the wrong one. I am going to order a new one later this week, but want to play backups immediately. I have already burned 2 backups in preparation for the coming awesomeness of tomorrow, when I get my 2gb sd card and my SD card reader, but read online that my LU83 system won't read the backup from a burned disc. Is this true?? Am I doomed to wait a whole week to play my Wii backups?!?! If there is a way around it, I would appreciate the help. Otherwise, does anyone know where I can find a good tutorial on playing Gamecube backups through my Wii, since they are the only backups small enough to put on my 2GB SD card?

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    A new Wii wont read backup discs. You can load them from a USB tho. You can only play GC backups from SD. You can find a few tuts on this site.

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