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Thread: Drive not mounted

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    Drive not mounted

    Hi my usb cable conection broke on my externall HDD i replaced the case and circuit board but not the HDD i can play the backed up games still but now when i try to watch the movies on it it says the fdrive is not mounted is there a way to fix this without reformatting the drive etc? and reloading the games and movies onto it ? any help would be great


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    Hi Slain69, Does your PC recognise the movie files? What wii app are you using to play the files with.Has anything changed (updates to Wii SM etc)

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    hi grandpa haha i should have been more specific its when i plug the external hdd into the wii that i get the error usb drive fat 32 or ntfs not mounted using mplayer ce version .76 when i try to play the movies yet when i use usb loader gx to play the games its all good

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    There may be a config file in the mplayer folder that is causing your hangup. While I cant relate to the particular issue you are having, I have seen usb loaders fail when something hardware related gets changed. When this happens, the solution is to delete everything other than the boot.dol, meta.xml and icon.png files. This will make the app rebuild a new settings file. If that doesn't work you may want to look into WiiMC as an alternate media player. Once again I am no expert on mplayer ce, I'm just providing another viewpoint


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