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Thread: Call of duty hacking

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    Call of duty hacking

    Does anyone know how to get all the hacks for call of duty mw3. So I can get same kill streaks as Xbox360. But I want hacks on my wii and can some one help me so I can get all call of duty's on my wii with out pay

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    Ouch Man! you didn't read any of the site rules, Look out for a stun grenade, Boooom!!

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    Grandpa is right. Asking about cheating is against the rules, as here at wiihacks, we don't support cheating. We believe in fair play.
    And before you ask, hacking a game for the purpose of cheating, and hacking your wii for the purpose of playing backups of legally
    obtained games is completely different. As this is your first post, no action will be taken, other than just closing the thread.


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