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Thread: SM4.3 to SM4.1

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    SM4.3 to SM4.1

    I'm on sm4.3. To go to 4.1 I need to have ios 60, but do I need any others? So in theory, if you have a good ios 60 (non stub) and a good ios 80 (non stub), you could go back and forth? Not trying to do that, just looking for some clarity to understand how the sm works.
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    4.1 runs on ios 60. 4.2-70 and 4.3-80. Be very careful messing around with that. Bricks happen that way. And IOS 60 should be v6174. The IOS60 "stub" is v6400.

    If you are going to downgrade SM version I would suggest following the ANY Wii guide. It will give you the safest setup - a version patched IOS60 and a version patched SM 4.1. The version patches prevent N from updating them.

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    Ok thanks. My setup is working fine so I think I will just stick with " if it isn't broken, then don't fix it".


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