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Thread: HBC help please!!!

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    HBC help please!!!

    I have a 4.3u wii and i soft modded it and have hbc installed and everything worked great even with the motion plus controllers. But now all of a sudden the wiimotes (the original white and two others i bought all motion plus) loose sync in homebrew and in neogamma. I am not sure what else to do, and just hope I have posted this in the right area if not sorry.

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    Try updating your homebrew channel , also the wiimotes all of them are not functioning or just the new ones ?

    Theres a chance that your wiimotes are the new ones that doesn't support homebrew.

    Updating your homebrew channel will fix it.

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    Thanks to for the help

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    Just slept the stupid off lol. The remote that worked doesnt work because its broken, and the others dont work because there /z-c4 LoL so gotta borrow a wiimote to update

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