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Thread: mplayer uninstalling and reinstalling

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    mplayer uninstalling and reinstalling

    How do i uninstall mplayer and reinstall it?The reason why i am asking is because somebody softmodded my wii and he installed mplayer at the sametime.If possible give me the step by step instructions please.

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    It isn't nearly as complex as uninstalling a computer program. If it is a channel just go to data management in your Wii settings and delete it. If it is also listed when you launch the homebrew channel, delete the sd\apps\mplayer folder, simple as that. If you are looking to install a good media player, you should check out WiiMC. Best out there IMO.

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    once i deleted mplayer as channel and homebrew. What are the step by step instructions to install wiimc and mplayer?
    ?And what is the latest version of mplayer and wiimc.Do i also delete the folder of mplayer in the sd card?
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