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Thread: Correcting my region settings, no internet set up

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    Correcting my region settings, no internet set up

    So i had unknowingly messed up my region settings, and I've got the homebrew channel working, I can run AnyRegion Changer, my sys menu is 3.2E, console area 1/USA and i can't install the 3.2U because i don't have an internet connection. I can't run the settings menu because my console region is set to 1/USA, and it fails to run. Can I change that setting to Europe, set up my internet, then install the proper sys menu, then change the console area setting back to 1/USA?

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    ask the maker for the offline files

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    are those what I would use WUFE for?

    Hmm. re-thinking, i guess i know what you mean. I'll do some more digging.
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    Used AnyRegion Changer and changed the console to EU, set up the internet connection, and am now downgrading to 3.2U from 3.3E

    Thanks for your help.

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    doood take it to macdonalds they have free wifi lol jk trying to lighten the situation but seriouly mac donalds does have free wifi where i live lol

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    I'm all good. What I meant and wasn't entirely clearly stating was that I didn't have the net connection set up, then semi-bricked and couldn't get to the menu to set up the net connection and the solutions I was finding were referring to using apps that needed a net connection.

    Your mc-d's have free wireless? wow that's not like that here in Vancouver, Canada. Odd.

    oh well.

    thanks for the input.

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    did you try to put a game in that has the update feature ? then update from the game.

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    It's all good now. Solved by changing the region, getting it online

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    That was an obvious solution now that you said it...
    Hindsight eh


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