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Thread: Region issue were the Wii makes everything unreadable

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    Region issue were the Wii makes everything unreadable

    So i am tring to fix a wii that my roommate was messing around with, it's a soft mod wii and has what he was tring to do was set the region up for PAL to play some import games and was using AnyRegion Changer
    now the problem is that am guessing is that he didn't set it all to PAL or something becouse now when you turn the wii on it goes black and white with rolling lines making it impossible to read.
    my only solution to this is to hard set the wii somehow and am thinking using something like NAND Formatter.
    any help would be great and is this the only way of "fixing" this problem, looked around but didn't find any topics on this kind of problem.

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    Download B.L.I.N.D. V2
    Load HBC, then load BLIND. It will probably be easier if blind is the only app on your sd card. Your not going to be able to see well, so get it done.
    Once you load BLIND you will be able to see again, it outputs NTSC.
    Go to the advanced menu, region manager
    Change the video display from PAL to NTSC
    Save the settings and exit the app.
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