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Thread: Help for updating WIIFLOW

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    Help for updating WIIFLOW

    Hi everyone,

    I have the WIIFLOW which is around 3-6 months old. In the home page of wiihacks today I see that there is a new version of wiiflow. I need the following from you..thanks in advance for all the help!!!

    1) There is a wiiflow mod 258 which is most recent post and then there is r428 which is in teh second page which seems to be actual wiiflow software - what is the difference between these two and which one do I need to update my 6 mth old wiiflow?
    2) When I go to wiiflowiki - it has
    r426 3.0 Alpha 3. It offers many downloads - official nightly build which is a .dol file and then forwards and d2x files and ios 58 and others. Since i have a 3-6 mth old wiiflow I am sure I have ios58 and others.
    3) Assuming I update using whats on wiiflowiki - which of the files do I download - nightly build+forwards+ios+d2x?
    4) Once I download all of them - please let me know the step by step instruction on what to do with all these files - I am no noob but am technically incompetent. Since I already have Wiiflow and hence many wiifllow relates files on my SD card - which ones do I have to delte/replace? please help me out. Thx

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    Do you have a WiiFlow forwarder, installed as a WAD or do you boot it from the HomeBrew channel?
    What are the contents of your SD?
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