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Thread: Loading just some games, "hd num sector doesn't match"

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    Question Loading just some games, "hd num sector doesn't match"


    I'm a mac user and I used backup fusion and wiijmanager to transfer the games to the HDD and got the same problem with both: I transfered 3 games (all the same way to the WBFS Folder), 1 is NTSC and the other 2 are PAL. Both pal games on the HDD have over 4Gb, and the NTSC has 0.68Gb. When I try to play the games only the NTSC one works and both PAL don't. When I press play it just goes back to the system menu (I tried 4 loaders, CFG says: wbfs error: hd num sector doesn't mach - on both games).

    IDK if the region matters, that's why I posted it.
    the NTSC game was already downloaded in *.wbfs, the others *.iso.
    System 4.3E
    BackupFusion (i transfer to the hdd converting to *.wbfs as the guide explains)
    On CFG i'm running IOS 248
    My syscheck is ok.
    Priiloader: Region free enable.



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    Please try this fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerfield View Post
    Please try this fix.
    what fix? it's just a website..

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    The real fix for your downloaded game is here:

    Click thanks if I helped

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    Your system check is Fine.

    What Beerfield was referring to ,is you Downloading games.(Piracy)

    Piracy is not allowed at Wiihacks.
    Re-rip the games.(Originals)

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