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Thread: Why won't my Wii play Gamecube burned backups?

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    Why won't my Wii play Gamecube burned backups?

    okay guys to perfectly clear my wii is a 2006 wii which game out day one. However, I looked up online the wii drive compatiblity website and it says that 75% my wii is a GC2-D3-2 (v2) and 25% is a GC2R-D2A. I am using geckno, neogamma, and gamecube backup launcher and they all give me errors. what do I do? Gamecube launcher gives me a green screen and takes me right back to the wii menu, neogamma keeps giving me the dvd error 1167, and gecko simply says dvd error. I can't get NONE of my gcn games to launch. Please help!

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    Just because the wii says 2006, doesn't mean that's when it was made. You more than likely have the D3-2 drive, which can not play backups.
    Never fear! You can play GC backups from an SD card. Take a look here-->


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