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Thread: backing up hard drive question

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    backing up hard drive question

    I'm trying to make a exact backup copy of my fat32 partioned usb hard drive games onto another hard drive in case my original drive fails. Is this as simple as dragging and dropping the games and loader files from one drive to another? Does this backup hard drive need to be fat32 also or can it be NTFS? Or do I need to use a program such as wii game manager or backup manager to copy files? Games currently in WBFS format. Any help is appreciated. These are all my personal games. Thanks.

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    Fat32 is the preferred format, and you can drag and drop all your apps/apps folder, and files over.
    Use a game manager like "wii backup manager" to transfer your games to the other drive.

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    Yes you can backup files from a fat32 drive onto a ntfs one with no problems at all
    As for the games....when you say they are in wbfs format that could mean two different things.
    It could mean that they are on a drive partition formatted to wbfs, in which case you will need a special program to read them on your PC
    Or it could mean they are on a fat32 formatted drive and the files end in a .wbfs file extention. In which case yes you could just copy them over.

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    Correct, Fat32 drive with .wbfs files. Thanks to all your help.


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