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Thread: Do I need a specific type of SD card (certain speed, SDHC etc.) for Bannerbomb?

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    Do I need a specific type of SD card (certain speed, SDHC etc.) for Bannerbomb?

    My friend wants me to mod his 4.2 wii. He just needs an SD card but I don't know if there's a specific one he needs for Bannerbomb to work. I don't want to tell him to buy one and have it not work. I'm probably going to have him get a micro SD with an adapter since I have a micro sd card reader. Does it matter if it's any bigger than 2gb? I've heard of some problems with SDHC cards but that was a while back so I'm not sure if those issues are sorted out or not. Would something like this do? Kingston Technology - 4GB microSDHC Class 4 Memory Card - SDC4/4GB

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    You're correct, SDHC cards, while usfeful after, are no good for softmodding. 1 or 2 gig SD only. Sandisk has proven to be the bestbut Kingston works as well.

    So, no.. your 4gig card is no good.


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