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Thread: Lost and Confused- Need help with USB loader. (I am hopeless) The story so far

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    Lost and Confused- Need help with USB loader. (I am hopeless) The story so far


    Virgin here (please be kind).

    I will try and keep this short. But i do tend to waffle.

    I bought a Wii (4.3e) for my daughter the other day. Happy days. Havent had a console for over 10 years now. Man times have changed.

    I thought I was quite savy when it came to this kind of thing. But NO I AM NOT.

    So far I have managed to install Homebrew through Letterbomb. Whoo Hoo.

    Thats it!! I have come stuck. Have tried installing Neogamma (wont let me load ISO backups says disk error). Tried even putting the disk in but wont read. Also tried installing USB loader GX but that wont install as it says it needs cios 245-250.

    Have read the forums and guides (which are amazing) but my little mind now is starting to get confused.

    I have a SD card (no harddrive)

    Any advice?? bear in mind I am a bit fragile at the mo, so please dont shout.

    Fingers crossed

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    Welcome. Read the FAQ in my signature. Lots of info in there. Then, follow the softmod guide in my signature. That will get your wii in shape. Right now you likely have lots of stuff missing.

    Having said all that, if your wii is new, it's unlikely that it will support backed up media, so I'd recommend giving up on that avenue. Discs stink anyway. Get a hard drive .


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    Thanks Blu.

    Sorry to be a pest.

    Will look again


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