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Thread: newbie needs help with a 3ds

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    newbie needs help with a 3ds

    hello all

    as u can guess i am a complete noob i am having difficulties with my daughters 3ds everything with it so far fantastic as i understand it there is no program like wii flow for the wii for the 3ds instead you need to use a special card which i got (R4ITT) now the problem i got is getting the card to work in the 3ds. my 3ds is using version 4.0.0-7E. i tried putting correct kernel on it but nothing happened please help by giving me an idiots guide to doing it please thank you

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    hi is your flashcart compatable with 3ds ,does it have 3ds on box, also did you put the firmware files on root of sd card ,make sure they are not in a folder on card as it wont see fw files . also you know you can not play 3ds games on it ,only ds may need to update kernel on flash cart ,see relevant web site for kernal update,you may need to update cart on a ds lite.


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