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Thread: samsung galaxy precedent root

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    samsung galaxy precedent root

    how do u root a samsung galaxy precedent ive tried every tut and it hasnt worked yet

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    You've probably seen this guide:

    Root Samsung Galaxy Precedent In One Click [How To]

    Let me know where you are having problems and i'll try to help.

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    For those of you that are having issues rooting your phone with the above instructions since megauploads is no longer a working sharesite so you can't download the files from is a 100%, fast, easy rooting method that even a monkey can do ;-)
    It took me about a week to get all of the correct files in order so that I could easily root my Samsung Galaxy Precedent. It was such a pain in the backside that I felt the need to share how to root the phone the easy way in under 5 minutes. I just used this technique on both my phone and my wifes phone as of 5/13/2012.
    Be sure to remove your sd card before you root the phone otherwise the rooting process will delete some of your apps and other info. After you root your phone you may notice that your downloaded apps and info from the sd card is missing....this is just because you need to remount your sd card by going to (using your touchscreen) home/settings/sd card and phone storage/mount sd card.
    I have uploaded the files to
    After you have downloaded the zipped file just open the "ReadMe" and follow my "revised" instructions.
    I hope that this helps you to RELEASE THE POWER of your Galaxy Precedent


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