Hi everyone...

Im expericenced using emulators etc and recently i added homebrew to my wii. Its great and i decided to get myself a few emualtors such as SMS PLUS, GENISIS PLUS GX, FCE ULTRA GX and SNESxGX... I can use the SEGA emualtors on my wii just fine and have no trouble saving but when it comes to the Nintendo Emualtors i have alot of trouble saving but other than that they seem to work perfectly... I can not save a thing and would appreciate some help.... Please read on...

Currently Using a Wii console Inc. Homebrew, emulators are - SNESxGX version:4.2.9 and FCE Ultra GX verison:3.2.9

Here is exactly what i do with FCE Ultra GX:-

choose game-supermario bros 2-load-press pause&then press menu-select save-choose from *new ram* or *new state*-select new ram i.e. save game-
I then get the following error message - Information/No data to save! *OK*

I cant see why it wont save... My FCE ULTRA GX is set up like so...:-

load device-sd
save device-sd
load folder-fceugx/roms/
save folder-fceugx/saves
cheats fol-fceugx/cheats
auto load-RAM
Auto save-RAM

Should i change some setting while using the FCE Ultra GX or change something on SD card? i.e. i mean in my apps folder or the general root menu of my SD card?

This is pretty much the exact same problem i experience with the SNESxGX but the error message is as follows - ERROR:NO SRAM data to save!

Awating Help..... Anything pleaseeeeee