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Thread: WBFS to ISO confusion

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    WBFS to ISO confusion

    Hi all,

    I have some WBFS backup files and wanted to convert them to ISO format to burn to disc. From what I understand wii backup manager is the program I need for this.

    What I don't understand is if I have to move these WBFS backups to a WBFS formatted drive to convert them? and if so, which I believe is the case, does it have to be a external hard drive or can it be a usb stick or sd card?

    My problem is I don't have an external HDD. I only have access to a 8gb sd card and a 4gb usb stick.

    I also believe that WBFS files are compressed so how would I know if when uncompressed that they would fit on my storage media?

    any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Oh Man! you is confused. A wbfs wii game is scrubbed to give a nice small file. Depending on complexity of the game. A Wii ISO image file is always 4.38 GB ( a full DVD ) So you either need a PC with a reasonable size HDD or a portable HDD, If you want to store games as ISO file for burning to disc. No serious modders use discs. A 160gb portable HDD will hold approx 65 games in wbfs file type. There are tutorials on this site to help you better understand. Google it Grandpa. or be lazy link in my sig.
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    You don't need a hard drive formatted to wbfs to convert wbfs games to iso. Where ever the game is (in wbfs format), you can load it into wii backup manager and transfer/convert them to iso into whatever drive you want (except the 4gig card since like mentioned above the iso will be 4.38 gigs). Then just delete the iso if you don't need it anymore and keep the wbfs file stored away where ever it is.

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    A Wii ISO image file is always 4.38 GB ( a full DVD )
    Incorrect. You can use WiiScrubber to shrink .ISOs to small sizes, the same size they would be in .wbfs.
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