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Thread: Wii Disc Update Blocker Help!!

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    Wii Disc Update Blocker Help!!

    Hi there! I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to this type of stuff and i've seen there is a way to block the disc updates! im running on 4.3u and its softmodded and i use Wiiflow as an usb loader and obviously, i cant install games that have disc updates. ive tried the "StartPatch v4.3.1u" but the .dol didnt have any thing on it to install is what it said in not so many words. i have also tried the Priiloader v0.7 yet it wont let me even install Priiloader! Or maybe im reading it wrong, it says after all the "deleting extra files" is done, it reads update done, it kicks me out and im lost at that point! Any help is greatly appreciated! Also, any links to the things i may need to download is also a hugeee help! thanks in advance!

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    If you're running 4.3, then you don't need to worry about disc updates - they shouldn't bother you. As long as you have the correct cIOSs installed, you should be able to play most games without a problem.

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    You should be able to rip games with your loader regardless of updates being needed or not. How did you mod your wii? I am willing to bet that you did not follow the softmod any wii guide (link in my signature). I suggest you follow that guide to get a properly modded wii with all of the protection we recommend too.

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    Like I stated before, I'm a noobie what my buddy didnt tell me was he updated the system after i tried to install zelda: skyward sword and that is why i lost all my games i had on it before! I wasnt aware he updated there for I quickly researched for a solution! I have already thanked you both on the site and I'd also like to say thanks for filling me in on this silly mistake! Cheers guys!

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