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Thread: Backup Creator - Where's the file?

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    Backup Creator - Where's the file?

    Hi folks, sorry to be a pain and ask for help but I'm lost. I've looked for the answer and couldn't find it, hence coming here and asking for help.

    I'm trying to burn backups onto DVDs, so I'm using waninkoko's backup creator (with the GUI). When I run the exe file, it asks for an ISO to convert. I open the ISO and I get a popup saying 0% converted. Then I get another popup saying "Successfully written [INSERT FILE NAME](converted).iso". But I cannot find the file anywhere! Does it overwrite the original ISO file? Why does it still say 0% converted? Is it possible that the ISO I'm using is already converted?

    I appreciate y'all's help on this one. Again, I promise that I spent a good amount of time researching this so I can answer my own stupid question. Thanks.

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    Once you have created an ISO image file from your original. Use IMG burn, It's easy, google for a tutorial. Hard Drive is much better than discs anyway. Read some more you will be then edumacated my friend.


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