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    need help

    hey guys this weekend ii bought PokÚPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure 2 for my son when he loaded it up it said it needed to update the will i told my son to wait for me to see i could get around this update cause the wii is soft modded with banner bomb but he did not listen to me. now i can not get any usb loaders to work, so thought that the update did something to ios on the system so i tried to resoftmod "no luck all i got was "There is no known vulnerable ISO installed on this Wii.
    Please note that we will not use a fakesigned ISO due to security reasons." so i tried to install IOS34-64-v3607.wad and IOS34 - v3607 with wad manager and yawmm. with wad manager 1.7 i get stuck( iam sure its not frozen cause the music plays normally) at the start screen where it asks u to press a my wii mote disconnected used my gc controller but it still stayed at the screen (disconnects with any home brew i try to use mod mii, hackmii, yawmm, dop mii ciosx installer and so on ) and with yawmm i get passed the start up screen so i press a on the gc controller it give me an error msg failed to mount sd card ret = -1 ( mod mii dop mii get different errors nothing will work)
    iam on sys menu 4.2u also the home brew channel works fine with the wii mote

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