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Thread: What's FLATMII

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    Smile What's FLATMII

    FLATMII is the lastest high specs device introducing a new playing way on the
    wii video game console,it allows Wii/Gamecube/Iso9660 image sharing from
    your pc,you can share movies,mp3,and anything else the Wii can run when
    using some kind of player or emulator.

    Flatmii has two different ways of being installed on your wii videoconsole

    wii + flatmii + drive

    The combo mode uses the wii dvd drive just as a original wii .You activate this
    mode when opening/closing the flatmii's PC software or by unplugging the
    flatmii usb cable from your pc ,use this mode to play your original wii/gamecube
    discs or dvd backups when your wii has a installed chip .

    Flatmii is always initalized on combo drive/flatmii mode if the pc software is not
    running on the pc and meanwhile you don't open any iso,as soon as you do this
    flatmii gets in standalone mode,combo drive/flatmii mode is auto initialized
    when after the pc software gets closed

    : wii + flatmii
    This standalone mode doesn't need your wii dvd drive connected,it's highly
    recommended if you wii dvd drive is broken or damaged,you can even remove
    the broken/damaged drive from your wii.

    NO solder required
    NO drivemod required
    NO clip required
    NO software modification required
    Plug and Play
    ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 drives
    100% Compatible with drivemods
    STANDALONE mode (No wii dvd drive/media needed)
    COMBO drive/flatmii mode
    Highspeed USB 2.0 fast loadings
    Wii/Gamecube/ISO9660/Multi and DL ISOS compatible
    Region free
    Full Compatible with Geckos,Mplayer,Emulators & Homebrew
    Updates blocker
    Wii iso remote tool selector

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    Has anyone ordered this solution yet? Just curious to see how this is going to work?

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    i dont think many ppl will try the Flatmii
    since Matrix WiiZii is out (in prototype)
    way more potential than Flatmii
    Wii USA/Can 3.4U
    HomeBrew 1.0

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    What does WiiZii have that Flatmii doesnt?

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    WiiZii capable to do direct iso loading fm the usb hdd ? i doubt....

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    I've just built a multimedia pc out of an old athlon xp 2400. It sits next to my wii, both connected to my tv. With flatmii I guess I could install it, add a terrabyte drive to my multimedia pc and stream from that. I think this would be quite cool. only 44 quid. hmmmmmm gunna have to give this some serious thought. could do with some feed back from users.

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    What OS does the host PC need to have? Probably only windows

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    I would certainly be interested in something like this. I'd imagine that boot times would be greatly reduced and game play speed be increased. Certainly worked in my XBOX!

    I'll keep an eye out on the WiiZii too, see what comes of that.

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    Unhappy Help with New Flatmii

    Hi, I just got my flatmii yesterday and i downloaded the driver, instruction and software. I read the instructions. It said to try and see if your computer will detect the flatmii. So did follow that simple instructions but for some reason my computer does not detect it. I have a USB 2.0 which is a requirement. Can someone please help or give me suggestions. Thanks

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    flatmii is perfect for people if they don't want to burn disks.
    these games will work on a flatmii when u use block update and force boot

    1) Jeep Thrills
    2) fifa 09
    3) Littlest Pet Shop
    4) Safari Adventures Africa
    5) Rapala.Fishing.Frenzy
    6) family ski

    these are the only games i have tested out yet

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