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Thread: Disk Read Errors

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    Disk Read Errors

    Hey, I followed the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide accurately and installed everything just like it said and I can play backups and everything alright, but my wii wont read any of my legit games anymore. On some games, they show up in the disk channel but when I click on it and start, I get "The game disc could not be read", etc and on others, I can only get beyond the wii remote warning screen before I get an error. Any Idea on what's wrong and how to fix it? I'll post my system check


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    When was the last time you used a retail disc? Nothing in the softmod would affect game loading from the disc channel. Sounds more like a dirty or on its way out laser to me.

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    Well a friend of mine already had it softmodded, but not to where you could play backups. After that first softmod I never had any disk read errors but a few months afterwards, that's when I started to get them but usually only after I played the game for a very long time. Then I re-softmodded it to play backups using the guide and that seemed to worsten it to where they're completely unplayable now. I was thinking that an iso somehow being incorrect or something would've caused it.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. I think it is the laser. I just went an bought a new Wii and will try to get this one fixed. Hoping for a quick fix on here but I don't think we'll get any I'm afraid.


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