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Thread: Help the newbie, ios?

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    Help the newbie, ios?

    Downloaded need 4 speed uc, game tried to update, but it didnt work. Now i`ve installed wiikey2 1.2 software, and now i can see nfsu on game channel, but when i press start, black screen.... Im totally noob, how do i start from here? Do i need some files? How do i instal em? read something about ios, do i need homebrew for that? guys gimme a little help.... other games do work... so wheres the problem???????

    Regards, dumb finnish dude....

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    You'll need to install the Homebrew Channel to gain access to the SD card. On the SD card will be an applciation named Wad Manager. From there use it to install IOS files.

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    But where i get this homebrew? sorry, im just fucking dumb, and been fighting with wii for days... and its 3.3

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    So, do i need zelda twilight to install homebrew channel, or is there any other way?... im still totally lost

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    if you got 3.2 you can use a installer disc
    if you got higher use Twilight hack

    please note, you can EASILY search all this info -,_-,

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    Might be the game because my wii is twilight homebrew and thats the only game I've ever had a problem with. I get up to where i can choose a car the i get a black screen.

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    Its 4.20am here, so its time to go bed have allready taken my sleeping pills, xanax and tematsepam :P... so my thoughts doesnt run verywell anymore... back to business tomorrow...

    am i going on right way, now downloading [Wii]The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess[PAL] torrent... then i start the game, and move saved game from sd to wii.. and then homebrew starts to install, after that i install wad installer, and then ios files?... any mistakes on this one? or does it sound like a plan?

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    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting this is the tute that i ran thru and worked like a treat

    i did find that i had to run/play our "rented" version of zelda a bit before i did the tute.

    your are going on the right way......dont forget to downgrade too to 3.2

    personally i just burn the iso files to disc print out a purty cover and print on the disc

    good luck with it...once you get going seems like a sinch.



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