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Thread: Backups crash wiiflow

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    Backups crash wiiflow

    First Off:

    My brain hurts from all the google/forum searching so if I'm in the wrong spot just hit me/point me in the right direction please.

    I've got the black wii upgraded to 4.3U - -

    I don't have any other issues playing games but after I:

    *rip the game with Wiiflow to my hard drive
    *Start up wiiFlow

    I get a crash to DSI error screen.

    I even tried running it through WBFS to see if maybe that was the issue.. Please tell me I'm just doing it wrong and that it doesn't have anything to do with my hard ware....


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    * try different loader to backup the game ? USB loader GX or neogamma ( make sure to use the latest and greatest .... i am using[*]USB Loader GX (Bug: Cannot initialize WIFI) - Official Website
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    Still no luck

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    I guess do the any softmod guide and start over ..

    or just try to do dx v8 guide to update/reinstall IOS's :

    post syscheck2 log
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    I agree with operat0r, follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link is below in my sig. There are so many guides on the net right now that we have no way of knowing if your mod is good or not. With the ANY Wii guide we know it is updated and has worked for thousands upon thousands of people, so if there are still issues after that we can go from there.


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