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Thread: Howdy all

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    Howdy all

    Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself, as I've seen that is the way to do things around here.

    I've been a long time Wii owner (since day one), but a short-time Wii hacker (about 4 days).

    I was quite happy with my Wii until about a year ago it would make loud noises when it spun a DVD. This irritated me (and more-so my wife) to the point that I didn't play it much anymore, despite having 4-5 games I've hardly touched, much less beat. Obviously, my Wii was no longer under warranty, so I did some looking and found YouTube videos on how to open the Wii and fix the noise, but I'm not good with electronics and usually end up breaking things, so I wasn't willing to risk it. Then the other day I decided to load up Super Smash Bros. despite the noise, and to my surprise it wouldn't read the DVD. I did some looking online and found that if that's the only game I'm having trouble reading, it could indicated an issue with the Wii and that I should contact Nintendo to fix it. At last, maybe I could get this thing fixed for free. So I called up and the lady told me it was in issue with the Disc. I tried to explain to her that I read it was because it was DL DVD and all, but she SWORE that several other discs I had (Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, New SMB) were the same format and since I could read those it must be my DVD. Now, I love Nintendo Customer Service and they've always taken care of me in the past, so I'm not trying to bash them, but this time we parted ways agreeing to disagree. I chalk it up to the Wii being near the end of life.

    So I decided to look into soft-modding my Wii so I could play all my games again. I came to and found a soft-modding guide, which worked great. This was good news since I was running 4.3 which in some places is rumored to be un-hackable. And since the only game I own (SSBM) that had an exploit was non-readable by my Wii, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great walk-through on how to soft-mod my Wii with zero issues. I'm extremely happy I found this forum and have been greatly impressed with all the guides and information I have found on here.

    So it's great to be here. This is a great place with smart folks. I'm looking forward to gleaning more information and learning more.


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