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Thread: nothing works on homebrew channell

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    nothing works on homebrew channell

    hi there ,,recently my nephew used my wii and whatever he did i cant get anything to work on homebrew just left with a lot of floating bubbles ,someone hacked my wii couple of months ago and everything was perfect until this little man got his hands on it.not sure what tut was used to mod my wii..there were 3 loaders on it,,usb gx,config,and wiiflow .strangely wiiflow works on forwarder channell but there are no covers on games anymore,when i tried to download covers it failed to do so .have always been able to download covers before.will i have to re-hack my wii again.ill have to do it myself this time as i cant afford to pay this guy again,,im a total noob at this so please be gentle with me,, lol

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    before anyone goes to the trouble of replying,,i decided to take sd card out and realised there was no sd card in it ,,little bugger must have taken it out ..will buy a new one and use this site to do it again.just wondering as homebrew is still on wii where would i start from!!!!!!!!!!

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    You can get all the apps from the App-Pack in the softmod any wii guide.


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